I am a figment of
my imagination.



I am a guest at Con Nooga this weekend! I have the privilege of speaking at 10 panels this year! I will be running a book giveaway at a couple of those panels! I hope to see you there!


The cover for my upcoming book Workplace Adventures: Tribulation and Triumph on the Autism Spectrum is complete! What do you think (see it in the slideshow at the top)? Thank you again Angel Nichols for your great work! 


I am a featured guest at Next Chapter Con! Hope to see you there tomorrow- I'll be there with my books (including the new hardcover If You Scream You Will Die) and signing from 9AM to 4PM. Find your next favorite book!


My next con will be Dragon Con on Labor Day weekend! I'm not a guest this year but if you find me around con, I'll have my books with me! You can find me at the Fans for Christ fan table most of the time (not selling at the table). Have a great con!


I received confirmation that I will be appearing at Next Chapter Con on October 7! See you there!


I will be appearing at ConNooga in Chattanooga, TN, February 17-19! Full schedule coming soon! Hope to see you there!

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Current and Upcoming Projects

New fiction and non-fiction coming soon!

Chad has been hard at work editing his fiction novel, and while waiting on beta reader reactions, has also been working on a non-fiction book about his work experiences as an Autie.

If You Scream You Will Die

Chad's short story available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon!

The survivor of an abusive childhood returns home to confront a deteriorating family for the last time. Memories and demons lurk in the barn, the only structure still standing in the crumbling farmyard. There lies the only hope for reconciliation, but the path passes through Hell.

The Nightmare After Christmas

Nightmare took home first place at the Dragon Con Campfire Scary Story-telling Contest!

Available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon. Also available at The Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia, GA (The official Walking Dead museum), and Birdsong Books in Locust Grove, GA.

When creatures stir in the dead of night it’s the most terrifying time of year. You'd better lock the house up tight because Christmas time is here. Can you survive the yuletide dead before they deck your halls? Just go and hide beneath your bed and wait for Santa Claus.

A battle for survival against the undead has a couple wondering if the clatter on the rooftop is Old St. Nick or something worse. This fully illustrated, award-winning tale is as ghastly as it is humorous. You'll want more than those Christmas tree lights shining bright when you go to bed tonight. 

Teaching the Wisemen Second Edition

Available now on Kindle, paperback, and hardback!

With a range of styles from the light-heartedness of Seuss to the sombreness of Poe, Teaching The Wisemen peeks at the absurdities as well as the tragedies of life. Learn unorthodox uses for prune juice, travel through the literary works of C.S. Lewis, visit King David at the graveside of his friend Abner, and examine the insanity of a homicidal sociopath. Biographical comments from the poet reveal how writing Teaching The Wisemen was a life-changing experience. 

Original first edition available in limited quantities directly from the author.