See Chad die in Deadlines!

Available to stream for free on Tubi or for sale on DVD at Amazon!

Con Nooga is a multi-genre convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A few of my Dragon*Con friends found it and talked me into attending. I had so much fun that I have not missed a single one since then.

One draw of this particular con is that it is open to fan-run panels. I began participating as a Star Wars expert on several panels which led to me creating and running my own. The chairman of the con is very much a horror fan and even runs his own haunted house attraction. He wanted to add a horror track to the con, and someone who knew me suggested my name for the track director. I took up the reins and ran the track until I stepped down to focus on promoting myself as a writer.

One feature I implemented during my time as horror track director was a sort of Midnite Madness horror movie viewing. I would invite indie creators to come showcase their movies and lead panels. Through this I met director George Demick who treated us to a special viewing of his movie Taku-He. George and I became friends, and he invited me to come up for a part in his next movie, Deadlines.

Thanks to his need for extras and fortunate scheduling, Malz and I were able to play two different parts in the movie: one of them as uncredited extras in a party scene as well as our credited roles as vampire victims.

We had a fantastic time during filming. The hard work, uncomfortable situations, and long hours were minor inconveniences next to the fun we had. To this day people still compliment the screaming I did as I was pulled apart by two vampire ladies. George was impressed enough to invite me back for a larger role in his next movie.

The end result is a movie I’m proud to have been a small part of. It’s an excellent vampire tale with a captivating story and solid performances. You can watch it for free on Tubi.

I had the opportunity to arrange and host a live commentary recording as a special Con Nooga event the next year. That commentary track is available as an extra on the DVD which is available on Amazon if, like me, you prefer physical media to streaming everything.

Available to stream for free on Tubi or for sale on DVD at Amazon!

See Chad die in All of it Ends, a film coming soon by
Flickering Candle Productions!

Deadlines was my first movie with director George Demick. He liked my performance enough to invite me back for a larger role in his next movie. I had such a blast with the experience that I wanted to increase my involvement. Even Malz, who is not a horror fan at all, couldn’t stop talking about all the fun she had filming her death scene. I think Deadlines is one of very few movies she would say she has genuinely enjoyed watching. So we decided that we would help produce the next project.

All Of It Ends is currently in post production. I’ve seen no more of the final product than you have at this point, but the promo images are looking great. Considering how good Deadlines is, I’m confident that this next one is going to be well worth seeing.

George gave me some control over the details of my character, so I decided to make him a nurse. I interviewed a friend of mine who works as a nurse, and he helped me put together some props to go along with my costume along with advising me on things to do or not do to give a more believable performance.

Once again I had a magnificent experience. Running up and down a street over and over, filming at all hours of the night, sitting in a makeup chair for hours, and traveling to two different states never diminished my enthusiasm.

Malz initially wasn’t sure she wanted to step into a significant acting role again. She doesn’t enjoy performing as much as I do. But she wanted to be an extra for the fun of it and to support both me and George. As she was choosing her costume for her scene I told her to pick out something she didn’t mind getting bloody because I knew George was going to want to kill her.

Sure enough, about halfway through the first day George approached me to ask if Malz might be willing to take on a more significant role and die at the hands of one of the creatures. She didn’t require much convincing. I quickly had her convinced to die once more.

Our longtime friend Tony Young, who got involved with George through me, plays one of the killers and had the honor of brutally slaughtering my wife.

I can think of a lot to talk about having to do with the making of this movie, but I’ll save that for another time. I do want to mention my other contributions, though. Thanks to my availability after filming my death I had the opportunity to step into two additional uncredited roles. In addition to my character and my role as producer, I play a background extra running for my life and got to fill in as temporary script supervisor.

Malz and I are talking to George about helping to produce his next project. I can’t say anything about it yet, but the concept and the people he’s approaching to be in it have me more excited than anything he’s done yet. I’ll rewrite all of this when All Of It Ends is complete and available for you to watch. In the meantime, go check out George’s other movies, especially Deadlines!